Specifications | Automatic Faucets

Sensor/electronic technology - infrared double-sensor technology works three-dimensionally. Upon recognizing an object, the digital micro-electronic sensor promptly turns the water on. Water only runs when needed - reliably and conveniently. An intelligent, logical design prevents malfunctions.

this unique, patented touch button adds such practical features as "temporary-off" for undisturbed cleaning or "permanent-on" for convenient filling of the sink by "continuous run".

Additionally a 24-hour sentinel rinse can be activated.

technology - special valve technology ensures many years of reliable operation, lasting several million uses with assured shut-off functionality. Due to sturdy construction and durable finishes, this faucet line is an ideal choice for locations where vandalism is a concern. The compact design and sophisticated details enable easy installation and maintenance, just as easy as with conventional faucets.


battery operation 6V DC
mains supply 230V AC / 6V DC
Water flow duration 0,5 - 4 sec
water temperature max. 80°C


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Trouble shooting

Disturbance / Error Cause Solution
Valve does not flush · "Intermittent off" is activated
· Stop valve closed or filter clogged
· Battery flat
· Power failure
· End "intermittent off"
· Open stop valve or clean filter
· Change battery
· Check power supply
Valve flushes uncontrolled
(without use)
· Reflection · Automatic sensor adjustment
· Setting the sensor range
Water flows permanently · Valve soiled / defect · Clean / Renew the valve
Red LED flashes · Battery flat · Change battery