Sensor Faucets For Washrooms
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washroom sensor faucet


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Washrooms and Public areas

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Highway restaurants
  • Companies
  • Schools
  • Authorities and government offices

Hygienically sensitive areas

  • Hospitals
  • General practitioner
  • Food and beverage companies
  • Bakeries
  • Butcheries
  • Commercial kitchens


Sensor Faucets advantages depending on the user group

argument ambitious private ones commercial and public institutions hygienically sensitive areas
no germ transfer, no infections
clean outlook
easy to clean
complies with statutory provisions
easy handling
flflexible use
optimal comfort in cleaning
optimal comfort in installation and maintenance
excellent cost effectiveness
up to 70 % savings in water and energy
ease of installation and use
Safety and security
secure in function
secure in operation
vandal proof construction
elegant and straight design
adaptable design
innovation for trend-setters


= few interest
= interest
= much interest


Commercial applications of FCI automatic faucets

Prescriptions by law

Areas of application, in which lavatory faucets must work without hand contact:

In medical areas

  • in work areas with increased infection endangerment, faucet are not allowed to operate manually – they have to work touch-free.
  • this applies to hospitals, hand wash areas, laboratories, medical practices, rescue & ambulance, and operations rooms
  • regulation: rule for the prevention of accidents for the health service VBG 103

In meat-processing systems

  • in the maximal proximity of the workstation mechanisms are to be used for the cleaning and of the hands with hot water. These wash areas are not allowed to operate manually.
  • this applies to all slaughterhouses, dismantling and processing plants, as well as meat departments with fresh meat, butcher‘s shops and the meat-processing industry.
  • Regulations
    - meat hygiene regulation FIHV EEC guideline for butcher certifications (federal legal gazettes of 02.04.79)
    - notes of the ARGEVET of 22.01.81
    - proclamation of the request for the permission of operations federal (legal gazette 94a)

In milk-processing systems

  • in areas, in which milk is treated, mechanisms must be available for washing the hands. These lavatory faucets are not allowed to operate manually.
  • This applies to dairies, cheese factories, milk collection places, and processing plants of milk products.
  • Regulation:
    - bring regulation over hygiene and quality requirements from milk (milk supply)
    - EEC guideline to 85/397/EWG of the advice of 05.08.85 (milk hygiene guideline)

In commercial kitchens

  • In order to prevent the transfer of disease, lavatory faucets of the washing plants are to be arranged in such a way that they are not to be operated by hand, but for example electronically.
  • This is used at all large-scale catering establishments and commercially used kitchen establishments.
  • regulation: federal health page, special edition of 09.12.77


Profitability overview of hotel rooms

The basis for the calculation below is a hotel with 20 bedrooms. The average bed occupancy is up to 170 days. The previous experience shows, that a conventional faucet is used about 15 minutes per day for activities such as hand washing, teeth cleaning, shaving etc.. Further- more we state the following preconditions and calculation

Cost preconditions

  • Fresh water and waste water costs 2,50 EUR/m³
  • Energy costs 1,00 EUR/m³
  • Investment and installation sensor faucet 405,00 EUR/pce.


  • Bed occupancy 170
  • Rooms 20

Profitability overview of the public hotel sector

The basis for the calculation below is a toilet facility in the restaurant sector which includes washing facilities for hand washing. Average opening hours are the periods from 11-14 / 18-24 o‘clock, whereas 17 uses per faucet and hour are realistic assumptions. The restaurant has 80 seats. Furthermore we state the following preconditions and calculation.

Cost preconditions

  • Fresh water and waste water costs 6.00 CAD/m³
  • Energy costs 2,00 CAD/m³
  • Investment and installation sensor faucet 900,00 CAD/pce.


  • Uses per hour: 17
  • Uses per day (10 hours) 170
  • Uses per month (25 days) 4.250
  • Uses per year 51.000

Models & Prices