FCI automatic faucets


  • No germ transfer
    The touch-free automatic faucets eliminates the risk of germs. No infections.
  • Clean outlook
    Faucet and lavatory faucet stay clean longer.
  • Easy to clean
    Easy form and smooth surface.
  • Complies with statutory provisions
    For example those in the food industry.



  • Easy handling
    Automatic faucets Canada operate touch-free without turning or handling. Wide sensor area through double sensor.
  • Flexible use
    Adjustable temperature setting.
  • Optimal comfort in cleaning
    Auxiliary faucet functions smooth surface.
  • Optimal comfort in installation and maintenance
    Easy installation, flexible connections, long-lasting battery operation, remote control (optional)



  • Excellent cost effectiveness
    Automatic faucets are affordable. Increased performance through optional features. Minimal effort required for faucets installation.
  • Up to 70 % savings in water and energy
    Automatic faucets have valve control.
  • Ease of installation and use
    No line installation required
    Secure in function and use
    Vandal proof construction
    Valve technique-used in 40 million dishwashers
    2 years warranty


    Safety and Security

  • Secure in function
    Automatic faucets are reliable operation
    Security OFF and reset function
    Bistable cartridge solenoid valve (secure to dirt and calcium carbonate)
    Digital microelectronic with processor
  • Secure in operation
    Only low voltage operation
    Status light
    Operating features adjustable to conditions
  • Vandal proof construction
    Tough brass housing
    Temperature fixed Reset function



  • Elegant and straight design
    Automatic faucets offer high-tech designer product for use in even the smallest areas
  • Adaptable design
    Our automatic faucets are available in following surface finish:chrome,brass,white and duo-tone
  • Innovation for trend-setters
    “Water with mind ... Sensible Water Use“

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